Standard TAT is 5-7 business days for in stock items. If you need your order sooner please reach out via email before placing your order - hello@graeandgracecollective.com

MYLAR/FOIL Balloons:
We ship most of my Mylar balloons unopened and prepackaged by a reputable manufacturer. In this case, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee if a mylar balloon has a defect. Most can be repaired with adhesive tape. Most often the cause of damage is overinflation.

Defective Small Medium Latex & Popped balloons:
If your order includes latex balloons, we always add extra small and medium latex balloons in case a balloon pops while inflating or you come across a defective balloon.

We carefully inspect all XL or XXL Latex balloons before packaging for any holes or defects. Unfortunately, there may be a tiny hole that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

What to do if you come across a defective XL or XXL balloon...

Please take a photo and send it to us as soon as possible. After properly inspecting the balloon and agreeing it’s a manufacturer defect, we will either ship you a replacement (if it can get there in time for your event) or send you a refund for the unusable balloon.

Direct Sunlight/Heat: We recommend placing balloon installations in shaded areas, as direct sunlight for extended periods of time can cause balloons to expand beyond their limits and pop. We are not responsible for any popped balloons or garland failure due to the heat/direct sunlight. If you have clear balloons in your installation those can turn cloudy if left outside due to heat and humidity. Darker colors soak up the heat more so keep that in mind. Heat and sunlight will cause your balloons to lose their shine and have a matte appearance.

Our balloon installation methods are not made to withstand strong winds. If strong winds are projected we recommend considering a secondary installation location.

If the installation is installed near gardens, light fixtures, brick walls, stucco, wooden structures, hot surfaces, etc. parts of the installation could bump against them and cause some of the balloons to pop. 

PLEASE NOTE: We will be unable to provide any refunds if any balloons pop after you have inflated them/built your garland. 

All sales are fine, we do not offer refunds. If you have an issue with your order please reach out to us at hello@graeandgracecollective.com and we will do our best to make it right!

Studio FAQ

Our Studio is located in a Historic Home in the heart of Downtown Round Rock. Our Address is 503 E. Main Street Round Rock, Tx 78664

Studio visits are by appointment only. Please reach out before you drop by!

A 5-6ft garland can fit in a sedan sized car, for our 10ft garlands we recommend a mid to full sized SUV. Please plan to have your seats down and carseats (if applicable) removed. We can not load into front seats or pickup trucks.

General FAQ

Here at Grae & Grace Collective we offer a full range of Event & Design Services:

Wedding + Event Planning
Modern Event Styling & Design
Balloons & DIY Kits
Grazing Tables
🎊Streamers, Custom Installations, Backdrops & Rentals

We are ATX based World Traveling!

Our Balloon team can deliver and install balloon garlands or rentals. Our minimum is $300 a you will need to fill out an inquiry here.

We offer studio pickup balloon garlands for pickup Monday-Friday by appointment in two sizes- 4ft-6ft for $85 and ft-10ft for $150.

We offer Custom DIY Balloon Garland Kits in three lengths & styles.

Yes, we do accept them from Schools, Churches, and other Non-Profit Organizations. We do not accept them from other event planners/event service compaanies - please email us at hello@graeandgracecollective.com for more details.